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來自England 的Marianne外籍老師來信感謝杜威團隊


I had been seriously looking for ESL teaching work in Taiwan for about 3 months, when I found out about Dewey. I was very impressed with the way that they swiftly dealt with my application and the range of jobs that they were able to propose to me. If I wasn’t happy with a job, they would reply back with a job that was better suited to me. My recruiting agent was often still in contact with me via Skype or e mail late at night and after about a week of e-mailing and Skype conversations I signed a contract for a job in Taoyuan.

Dewey made the transition to Taiwan so much smoother for me; when I arrived at the airport I had a pick up service to take me to a really nice hotel. The next day one of the recruiters drove me to the school I would be working at and we spent the day looking for apartments near the area. By the evening I had signed all the relevant papers and moved into my flat. The recruiter also helped me get the internet and cable set up. I know that if I have any problems during my time here I can just contact my recruiter and they will try their best to sort it out quickly. I would highly recommend their service for anyone considering teaching in Taiwan.

Marianne Lake, England 


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