R.T.M.E. 鈭箸撣怨蝞∠璈 (撣怨鈭箸瘚蝔蝟餌絞) 撱敺萄撣
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I would like to briefly explain my experiences associated with coming to Taiwan to teach English. When I initially began researching the possibility of coming to Taiwan to teach English, I came across the ESL Dewey website and inquired about one of the positions. Awhile later I decided to give Taiwan a shot and began working on possible scenarios with ESL Dewey consultant, Jeff Young. I am a certified teacher and was interested in finding a job in the public school system. Mr. Young helped me locate a position in Taiwan, but after the paperwork dragged on, I decided to investigate the possibility of teaching in the Matsu Islands instead. I must say Mr. Young was there every step of the way with information on the process and called weekly with updates on the progress of the contract and so forth.

Mr. Young was also extremely helpful in assisting my transition to Taiwan. Although I will admit the paperwork involved with teaching in the public school system is rather extensive, Mr. Young was always there to make sure the process was eventually completed.

After arriving in Taiwan, Mr. Young made sure my wife and I had what we needed to establish living on the island of Nangan by taking us to a store and escorting us to the island. He was also very diligent in filing the requisite paperwork involved in obtaining the visa and ARC, which we eventually received. So far my experience with the schools has been positive and the people here have been friendly toward my wife and I.

I would hereby highly recommend the services of Jeff Young and Dewey International Educational Consultants again in the future.


Jeff Quinn


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